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Mammoth-C500 - Industrial High PAR LED Grow Light

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The Mammoth-C500 grow light offers a specially tuned photosynthetic spectrum supplying all spectrum’s needed to grow the highest yielding, premium quality plants. Blue spectrum’s aid in vegetative growth, amber-red spectrum aids in pre-flower/ flowering stages, and UVB increases flowering for optimal results. In their natural environment, plants not only absorb mainly red and blue visible light spectrum’s, but they also absorb UV light which promotes stress on the plant, resulting in a more potent plant, ie. increased THC content in cannabis, and more flavorful tomatoes.

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Ansi Code No
Recommended Ballast No
Volts No
Watts No
Lamp Type No
Lamp Base No
ANSI Base No
Life No
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Temperature No
CRI (Color Rendering Index) No
MOL (Inches) No
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Title 20 No
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